Project Rainbow

Welcome to More Than Apples! We take immense pride in presenting our impactful and compassionate initiative, Project Rainbow. This program is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the lives of individuals residing in San Diego County who are burdened by extreme financial hardships. Through our innovative fundraising campaign, we warmly invite the generous public to contribute any amount towards funding Abundance Boxes for the members on our Project Rainbow list. These are individuals who find themselves living well below the federal poverty level, struggling to provide basic sustenance for their families. Project Rainbow is committed to bridging this gap by offering Abundance Boxes brimming with nutritious and essential food items to those in dire need. By making a donation to this worthy cause, you not only provide sustenance, but you also instill a sense of hope in these deserving individuals. Together, let us extend a helping hand and forge a brighter future for those who need it the most. We urge you to join us in making a meaningful impact through Project Rainbow.

We kindly request that when making your donation through PayPal for PR, you notate it as “Project Rainbow.” Your support is vital in ensuring the success of this initiative and enabling us to provide Abundance Boxes to those in need. By clearly marking your donation with “Project Rainbow,” you contribute directly to our efforts in making a positive impact in the lives of individuals facing extreme financial hardships in San Diego County. We deeply appreciate your generosity and commitment to this cause. Together, we can create a brighter future through Project Rainbow.

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